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  • where different between MADA brand and others brand for 3 functions tire gauge ?

    1. General Market 3 functions gauge type : Usually is Bourdon Tube pressure gauge and Diaphragm pressure gauge two type only. 
                                                                         Life short and cannot afford high pressue.
        Mada 3 functons gaug type: Is Cyclinder (Compression Spring ) pressure gauge, inside have High pressure reistant design.

    2. General market 3 functions tire gauge : The structure is simple and have using time limited.
        Mada 3 functions tire gauge : The structure is precisin , Uniquely designed tank enabling part lubrication
                                                          and ensuring tire gauge durability.

    3. General Market 3 functions tire gauge type : easiy damage and broken when pressure overload inside the gauge, cannot use anymore.
        Mada 3 functions tire gauge : the Max. is 350psi, it is high pressure resistant, you could keep use it after deflaion. (release air)

    4. General Market  3 functions tire gauge type : air chuck is fix on the hose, not able to move or change, it is unconvenience.
        Mada 3 functions tire gauge : our design is adjustable. it can change from clamp to different air chuck applicatin for suitable
                                                       cars, motorcycle, truck, bus even bicycle !  Belong to multi - function tire gauge.  

    5. According to ANSI B40.1 rule,  accurated level is B (3% -2% - 3%), most of tire gauges are following this range in the market.
        But Mada tire gauge could reached to level 1A ( < 1% )  more than accurate and precision.   

    6. Our best advantage as below :
         a. If youare aniternal user, you could send it back, mada com
  • Usually the tire gauge plate display by PSI and BAR, can you display by KPA ?

    Yes, it can be changed. We even can follow your design to change our meter plate with your brand
    but the order MOQ must be 1000pcs up. If you need this kind of help, please contact our sales.
  • what function for the left red cap on the gauge ?

    it's reminder all of customers don't open it and swivel this, otherwise will effect the accurate pressure in the gauge.
  • what screw size for the 3 function tire gauge clamp ?

    Our screw size for the 3 function tire gauge clamp is 1/4 ps Pitch.
  • If we would like to change hose length for tire gauge, can you meet our customers request ?

    Yes, we could adjustment the hose length for each customer to met their satisfied.
  • what kind of material for 3 function tire gauge ?

    We made of Zinc alloy and Brass.
  • How to keep meter's life more longer ?

    Dipping Oil to our unique tank to keep it lubricantion.
  • what kind of air can ued on our 3 function tire gauge ?

    Please use Dry Air and Nitrogen to operator, others air are prohibition.
  • Compared with others 3 functions tire gauge in the market, why MADA will choice metal material ?

    Usually , there have two material in the market - one is bakelite another one is plstic.
    These two material not able to repaire, when you open it will broken immediately.
    Oppostely, use metal materil can solve above problem, you could continued to use after repaired.

  • How to repair v- ring for our 3 functions tire gauge ?

    We put a DIY repaire specification in each box when we sell out
    The user could following step by step change v-ring.
    If don't work or have strange voice after change v-ring, please send it back, our engineer will help you to find out problm.    
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